CleanMyPC with Bootcamp

Has anyone used CleanMyPC with bootcamp installed? Just wanting to no if it effects anything because it’s being run on bootcamp. Thank you

1st Disclaimer: I have no experience with Windows running under Bootcamp. I do have experience with a Windows VM running Parallels, though.

2nd Disclaimer: I have no experience with CleanMyPC.

The more I think about your question, the more my reaction is that CleanMyPC will not cause any more harm than it could cause on a regular PC because basically that is what Windows with Bootcamp is on a Mac: a PC. I think that you should be as safe or not safe as you should be on a regular PC. Boot Camp is just a boot manager that lets you choose between booting into MacOS or into Windows. As always: make a backup before tinkering with the OS!

Maybe, is an alternative for you. CCleaner is free and works like a charm. I have been using it on my VMs under Parallels and on my Synology and even back in my old PC days. Just use the custom install or Chrome will be installed together with CCleaner (yes, some nice bloatware coming with it as a bonus)!


Thank you I just tried it there and bit the bullet and it has worked ok. You are right about it just being windows running as normal but on a Mac I never thought of it that way. Thank you again for your help.

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