CleanShot and Scrolling Capture

I find CleanShot to be an excellent screenshot utility and serves nearly all my use cases.

The only exception is if I want to use Scrolling Capture to capture quite a long area of a website.

The longer the area being captured, the smaller the text in the output file, whether png or jpeg. If I open in Preview, then I have to really zoom in to be able to read what has been captured.

I would like to be able to convert to a multipage pdf and control the scaling to get the desired legibility. I’ve tried exporting to pdf or “printing” as a pdf in Preview but it will only ever produce a single page pdf usually missing out some of the png/jpeg file.

To give a concrete example, this website page gives a breakdown of all the controls for FIFA 2023.

I’m trying to screenshot by categories (e.g. simplified controls, movement, free-kicks, etc.) so I can print them out in legible form and use them as a reference for when playing FIFA against my nephew. (Too many controls to remember nowadays for an oldie like me.)

If I use scrolling capture for the Attacking area of this page then the text in the resulting png file is tiny.

Any suggestions on how to convert the output file to a more legible format or size ?

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I couldn’t find a solution either. Ended up breaking very long grabs into sections, that I then stitched together after the fact. Klunky, and not ideal, but it works relatively well with a bit of practice.

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Have you emailed the dev? I’ve asked a few questions over time and they generally respond.

I’ve emailed them today and will pass on their response.

Thanks. I’ll give this a try.

The response from the developer was to essentially do as you are already doing. i.e. do a long grab and then crop into separate sections.

“I’d suggest taking two or three screenshots of this category using Scrolling Capture. If you make a mistake, you can later cut it to match in the Annotate tool.”

I’ll do this myself going forward but unfortunately it isn’t as elegant as the rest of the app’s functionality, which is excellent.


The upside, at least there is a clear answer.

I also am a fan of CleanShot, and it covers nearly all of my screenshot needs, but I also use the free tier of the Awesome Screenshot & Recorder extension in Safari for just the purpose you describe: capturing a long section or entire page of a website. I learned about it on MacPowerUsers 701: “The Safari Extension Roundup”. Doesn’t resolve your issues with CleanShot, but perhaps a workaround.

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