Clicks for iPhone — a new Blackberry-style keyboard case

Used up all of my willpower today resisting preordering this thing:

I’ll wait until I see reviews. I have mourned a hardware keyboard ever since I switched to the iPhone, so I am always rooting for these products … but $160USD is a big bet when every previous attempt at the same type of product has failed.


The intro video is probably the best way to wrap your head around it:

Aside: I have no idea who this MrMobile person is and I pride myself in that. Apparently they are big on the Internet?

I had a Palm Treo before the iPhone existed. I don’t miss the real hardware keyboard at all. Once you get used to it, the software keyboard is superior for such a small device. For example, swipe for one handed typing, how would that be possible with real keys?

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Not for me. This would require I carry a purse or hire a caddy.

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I get some RSI-ish pain when I type a lot on my software keyboard with swipe, but indeed, I’ve gotten used to that approach.

I just remember writing essays on my Blackberry in my undergrad — no way I’d ever use my iPhone to enter that amount of text. But what if I could? My potential is untapped and clearly my lack of hardware keyboard on my phone is the only thing holding me back.


I really want to try this thing. Taking calls in public with the extra-long iPhone seems hilarious. Too bad the spacebar doesn’t double as a mic.

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iPad or Mac are better for such things, right?

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Oh man… $160 is a lot for an accessory that can’t upgrade with your phone, but shortcuts on my phone and tactile typing? Hmm… I just might consider it.

EDIT: I have an iPhone 13, so I guess this isn’t for me. :blush:

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Clicks certainly looks like a nice piece of tech but I won’t be buying it. I missed the Blackberry craze which means my thumbs never learned to type. :slightly_smiling_face: I believe I spent that time trying to teach myself Graffiti (a shorthand lookalike) on my Handspring Visor (a Palm Pilot clone).

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It’s been years since I watched one of his videos, but he doesn’t (didn’t?) like iPhones and was mainly Android. I wrote him off immediately. :slight_smile:

According to the Verge they are marketing this toward “creators” (I despise that term), which I don’t understand. What is so special about them that they need a keyboard? I assume just because it looks different, so they will use it in their videos and their fans will buy it?

I like the idea of a physical keyboard, but not to the point where it makes the phone too large to fit in a pocket.

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I’ve had the same issue with swipe typing. It seems to produce more pain over time than tapping does.

The most intriguing thing about Clicks is the ability to use combination key strokes, especially with the command key, which I already do on my iPhone with a Logitech k380 keyboard. Clicks is more portable than that, but it doesn’t have an option key and you can only really type on it with your thumbs.

The other downside of Clicks given the price is that it’s also a case, which means that you’ll probably have to buy it again when you get a new phone, assuming it succeeds in the marketplace and is still being sold.

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Ryan Seacrest tried sobering similar once upon a time

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