Client meeting notes

My boss wants to digitize the client meeting note-taking process. We currently use a printed worksheet, which the admin scans and saves in the client’s file. I’m recommending an iPad with Apple Pencil and annotating the worksheet in GoodNotes.

He’s not opposed to Apple products, but he’s not a fan either. He’s also considering a similar workflow using a Surface, Pen, and OneNote.

Anyone have any other ideas, workflows, or preferences? Thanks!

One simple solution would be to make this into a word or pages document and have people type as they go - though using a laptop does put the screen up as a barrier.

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Right. I should add, per the boss, no laptops or phones; tablets only. He also prefers handwriting over typing for that reason.

He’s not a fan of Apple products… but wants the best business tablet option for handwriting. Hmm. Sounds like someone who either doesn’t know what he wants or thinks he knows more than he does. Or both.

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I like GoodNotes for this when I want to use handwriting with the Pencil. Otherwise I use Evernote with a tag for the project (p-some-project) and a “notes” tag (notes-call, notes-meeting, notes-presentation, and a few others). I’ve found the combo of the p- tag and the notes- tag work great for me on recall: Show me everything related to some project, show me all of my meeting notes, etc.

Has he compared handwriting on the surface (which sucks) and the iPad himself? I had mine try it out, and we never looked back.