Clipboard app help

Does anyone have a good clipboard app? And what’s the point of using it? The point is to copy multiple items to the clipboard, so you’re not overwriting something older and important with the new thing.

I’ve been using them since well before I started on the Mac, back when I was on WIndows. I don’t understand how people can work without them.

Clipboard managers are indispensable to me on my Mac for storing multiple clip copies and quickly doing multi copy/pastes. I need that a lot less on my phone.

Copied is probably the best-known iOS clipboard app, and it’s cross-platform with Mac so you can share clipboard info. I have it but don’t use it on my Mac because I much prefer PasteBot or Copy 'Em Paste on the Mac (I use Copy 'Em Paste) which do much more but aren’t available on iOS.

I do have Yoink and Gladys on iOS/Mac - they are ‘shelf’ apps that let you place text, images and files temporarily on a virtual shelf before moving them somewhere else, simplifying drag-and-drop.

I was thinking about using it just on my iPhone. Not sure if it’s worth it.

Also is copied good? The reviews seemed bad.

I’m on the fence about if I would use it or not.

I have it, but I rarely use it. If you’re not missing multiple clipboards then don’t sweat it. If I had an iPad and was doing a lot of writing on it I’d use multiple copy/pastes a lot more and would therefore use it more on that machine.

But as I said I find Copy 'Em Paste indispensable on my Mac. In addition to saving the last 50 URLs or images I’ve copied (with all the text searchable!), with one-click pastes (including in batches), it also lets me easily do selective screenshots to RAM, and it does text transformations too - I have all copied text stripped of formatting, and it does other things too

I also favorite some clippings, so they don’t get deleted, and I can save ‘folders’ of saved clippings for reuse at any time too.

It sounds good for me for images. But can you use the files folder for this? Or clipboard is better?

With images I use it for temporarily snapshotting them to memory so they can be pasted in elsewhere. But I mainly use multiple clips on my Mac as temporary items, usually text, with rich text being transformed into plaintext, and URLs being copied with their titles, like so:

FYI this morning this article about the Copied app turned up in the ‘news’ feed of iTunes on my iPhone. As with all Apple’s articles there, this link only opens into the article on an iOS device:

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Thanks. I’m going to download it and play around with it.