Clipboard manager for iPad Pro



So as far as I gather, it’s not possible for any app to store clipboard content on iOS?

Copied is a much recommended app, but clipboard content on iOS must be saved to it unless one has a Mac running all the time. Right?


No, well, at least partially wrong.
Opening copied in split view on the iPad will auto save to copied


I have been using #gladys and it has been a solid app for my needs.


apart from the icon :slight_smile:


LOL it is odd, but now think of it like a Librarian


Does Yoink for iOS have the same clipboard functionality as Gladys and Copied?


Sorry no idea as have never used Yoink


Checking now… :slight_smile: Will let you know asap


I’ve checked the settings and Yoink also has an auto add option. So I think the functionality is the same for all three.


I love Copied generally. But it just produced a 28 GB log file that ground my Mac to a halt. Two reboots have cleared it out but there’s clearly a bug somewhere.


I used Copied for years and was generally a fan of the app. As others have noted, it hasn’t seen an update in quite some time. I tried contacting the developer about a week ago and haven’t had a response so far.

I’ve decided to give Paste a go on both Mac and iOS. I like it so far. It doesn’t have the advanced features of Copied, but I found I rarely used this advanced functionality. Paste is in active development on both Mac and iOS.

The Mac app is available for purchase and through the Setapp subscription. Through iCloud sync, the Mac clipboard history is available on all devices. The Mac app is available for purchase on the Mac App Store and is included in the Setapp subscription.

On iOS, the clipboard contents are added to the clipboard history when you launch/switch to the Paste app. I don’t think it’s technically possible for the clipboard data to be retrieved when Paste is running in the background. A paid upgrade (I think it’s $4.99 USD) is necessary if you want to use the iCloud sync.


What do you like about Paste over Copied, other than that Paste is in active development?


Does Yoink have auto-add on the Mac?


Thanks for the tip on this one. I use Clipboard manager like a madman! It always seems like I need to access it across devices soo. Definitely gonna put this through it’s paces.


I use Paste for quite some time as it is part of Setapp. I actually like it pretty much. The only thing which really bugs me is that it seems not to sync iOS to Mac. So when I copy text on my iPad I can’t access on my Mac. The other way around works perfectly fine. Do you experience the same issues?


I can check that for you tomorrow :grinning:


Paste on iOS won’t automatically add copied text to your Clipboard History. You need to copy something to the clipboard and then switch to the Paste app. I believe this is an iOS limitation.

You’ll also need to turn on iCloud syncing in Paste for iOS (just like you do on the Mac). An In-App Purchase is required to enable this functionality.


You’re welcome @dennis. I’ll be curious to hear your impressions.


Ahh… to reopen the app was the missing link. I used the share sheet so far and this seems not to be sufficient. Once I open Paste afterwards it’ll sync.


Yoink has a clipboard history feature on the mac.
You can even ignore applications from that history to prevent unnecessary pruning afterwards.