Clipboard manager for iPad Pro

I’m looking for a solid clipboard manager for iPad Pro. I have Yoink installed as a drawer, but I can only retrieve active clipboard history from Yoink. I can’t retrieve anything beyond that.

Does anyone know of a good clipboard manager that can retrieve clipboard history on iPad Pro?

But they aren’t saved automatically on iOS, are they?

This isn’t possible to do on iOS.

I can access content stored using Copied on my iPad or MBP with Copied on my iPad or my MBP.

What otherwise do you mean?


On the Mac it captures everything you put on your clipboard, automatically. But as far as I understand, on iOS you must send the content of the clipboard deliberately and then it keeps it. Maybe I was wrong with that?

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This is from a fresh install of Copied

I think you guys are talking past each other here.

My understanding (and anyone please correct me if I’m wrong):

On macOS, Copied runs in the background, so it can be set to always capture whatever’s on the clipboard from the moment you copy it. So if you copy “Text A”, then copy “Text B”, then open the Copied app, you’ll see “Text B” and “Text A” in your clipboard history.

On iOS, Copied can be set to capture what’s on the clipboard when you launch the app (or trigger it in other ways like the share sheet) but it cannot capture what’s on the clipboard when the Copied app is not active. So if you copy “Text A”, then copy “Text B”, then open the Copied app, you’ll only see “Text B” in your clipboard history, not “Text A”.

If you want to capture “Text A” in the above scenario you need to launch the app (or already have it open in multitasking, or use one of the other methods of triggering like the share sheet) after you copy “Text A” but before you copy “Text B”.


Believe what you want, but it sure works for me.

Besides this specific aspect of Copied I see that it has a lot of features and I always want to get more into it, but I keep forgetting about or just don’t get the use case. E.G. there’s the “copied browser” in the share sheet. Why?

Copied fan here as well, this is my experience also.

The copied browser means you can browse the web, copy something you see there and it automatically gets added to the copied queue.

You can’t copy in the background as you can on MacOS, but Copied offers a few workarounds that get you partway there. The in-app browser is one of those.

Copied is one of my essential apps on the Mac, iPhone and iPad.


I agree with the assessment of @ChrisUpchurch
iOS prevents apps from monitoring the clipboard when the app is not active.

One workaround could be to open copied in split view on the ipad, this would allow the app to monitor the clipboard as it would then be running. (have not tested this yet)
The Save Universal Clipboard setting in copied makes this possible.

explained in the macstories article:

iPad Diaries: Clipboard Management with Copied and Workflow – MacStories

This is the way I use it on iOS

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Ah, so when you know you’re gonna copy a bunch of snippets from a website you just browse it from there and just hit „copy“ without having to take the extra step of sharing the snippet? Good idea!

When you have copied open in split view you would not even have to use the copied browser

Been using Copied for some time on all platforms. Lately though, it hasn’t been working on Mac with the shortcut I’ve used forever - ‘cmd /’ And it doesn’t appear to be syncing across all platforms like it used to.

A solid clipboard manager is essential to all that I do. Sadly, it hasn’t been updated for Mac for over a year and 10 months for iOS.

That’s how it works. I most often use the share extension on iOS. It’s muscle memory at this point; instead of copying to clipboard I do a couple of extra taps and send it to Copied.

At some point perhaps Apple will let clipboard managers run in the background on iOS like they do on the Mac. And that will be a happy day for me.


It’s still reliable for me on the Mac. Sync used to be flaky for me, now it’s better though still not perfect. Fortunately, I do not need to sync very often.

I do wish development was faster.

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I am using Copied in both my Mac and iOS. Specifically on the Mac, I am trying to emulate this workflow: I’d like to keep on doing Cmd-C to copy a few things into memory, say a few URL website from multiple tabs. Then in Notes app, I’d like to quickly paste these websites into the Notes app. I think it can be done using its Queue functionalities but I couldn’t figure out how to just Cmd-V from the queue. I hate going to Safari to copy one URL, go to Notes to paste, and then back to Safari to copy. Any guidance is appreciated !

I’m also a Copied user. There is one useful artifact I’ve noticed when I’m copying text on iOS but I’m near my Mac. The universal clipboard picks up the copy operation on the Mac and Copied on the Mac captures it and then syncs with Copied on iOS. Not sure if that would qualify as some kind of workaround, but it is helpful (albeit in limited circumstances).

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