Clipboard Managers

Hey gang, we’ve been working on an outline for a show about clipboard managers on the Mac. What do you look for in them? Do you have a favorite?

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Currently using Copy’Em

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I use copy em - one price for Mac app.
Subscription if you want iOS

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Reliable, cross-platform syncing.

I use Paste. Nice visual interface on the Mac, “pinboards” for saving/categorizing clips, search, keyboard shortcuts, and a few other tools. Just the right amount of features for me.


Clipy. It’s light on resources, free, and I like that it can break your history into more digestible folders. I have it set up as:

1. item
2. item
3. item
4. item
5. item
6. item
7. item
8. item
9. item
0. item
🗀 11-40
🗀 41-70
🗀 71-100

To add to this, the search doesn’t require anything to be done - just start typing.

It looks really good imo which is handy.

Available on Setapp or as an individual purchase. No idea about cost, I’ve been using it for years.


I just use Alfred’s, but my needs are basic. Just give me the last dozen things I copied.


Copy’Em. Simple interface. Multiple lists. Useful transformations for pasting.

I used Copied for a long time, until it got weird and died. Copy’Em overlaps with Copied’s feature set better than others I tried. I rarely need cross-platform clipboard management, so Copy’Em on macOS is fine for me.

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CopyClip before, Raycast’s built-in now. Although I run them both simultaneously now because CopyClip is easier to use mouse-only, Raycast is easier to use keyboard-only.

Keyboard Maestro’s built in copy history is fine for me, plus whatever Apple’s continuity feature for sharing the clipboard is called. If the latter doesn’t work (occasional), I paste into Drafts, which syncs nearly instantly. (As far as I can remember, I only have continuity problems with text, not images.)


I use Keyboard Maestro. I find it more than adequate and I do a fair amount of copying and pasting. It is very rare that I can’t find what I am looking for by just running down the history as it were. It does have a ‘favorites’ option that one can use to pin a copy; I have used it a lot but really don’t find I need it now. Most copy and paste even if multiple happens within a fairly narrow time frame I find.

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I have Paste installed and use it occasionally but I haven’t really incorporated a Clipboard Manager successfully into my workflow. I want to, just haven’t succeeded yet.

Previously Copied, then Paste, and now for a good while I’ve been using Copy’Em. I like the companion app on the Mac, Paste Queue, which lets you copy a sequence of items into a queue, and then use a keystroke each time you want to paste an item from the queue. Very handy when transferring something like a customer address from a text note into a form.


I’m personally using Alfred, it works! I like how easy it is to use.


I use the built in one because it works really well across devices, like for copying 2FA codes from my phone to Mac logins. Tap on the phone, and it’s just there on the Mac.

Anything beyond simple things like that, I use Drafts.

Airdrop for files and the like, or a ResilioSync folder, but that’s probably too far afield for a clipboard managers show.


I can’t believe I forgot that was even a thing. I always just use Drafts for cross-platform. I will see myself out. :frowning:


Jumpcut was my go-to before I moved to Alfred. It is simple, intuitive to use and free and open-source.

I use Launchbar on my personal MBP. I love that I can invoke a keystroke and my last 10-20 clipboard history will appear. I can add to an existing clipboard. I’ve never really gotten used to a full clipboard manager since most of my most used ones are stored in the built-in keyboard shortcut.

My only problem is, with my work supplied MBP, I am not allowed to install any 3rd party app without the authorization of IT. I tried several times but I am directed to just install any apps on my Document folder. The problem with that workaround is that I still can’t use most utility apps as I have to allow the MacOS Privacy function to operate which only IT can unlock.

So if there is another solution I can use that doesn’t involve unblocking any Privacy function, please chime in.

Another Alfred user here. Was going to switch to Keyboard Maestro, but my needs are simple and Alfred is already in muscle memory.

Add me to the long-time Copy’em users (used to be Copy’em Paste). Cross-platform and quick sync. I have often copied something like a book title or a link on a Mac and it’s there quickly on iOS, ready to paste. Has a lot of features available. Invaluable if you do a lot of editing, as I do.