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Does anyone know if it is possible to have an alarm in the shuffle a playlist in So that every morning its a random song from that playlist waking me up?

Also, can anyone tell me what exactly the Bedtime feature in the is and how it works?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No you cannot shuffle songs-as-alarms in Clock, although there was a jailbreak tweak app called PlaylistAlarm that accomplished this a few years ago.

iMore is always a good place to visit for FAQs on mac/iOS functionality:

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Okay thanks. So the only option is to select a single song in my music library and then maybe set up multiple alarms and have a different song every day, I guess :slight_smile:

I really miss the ability to use the alarm to trigger something (shortcut/workflow). Like turning on smart lights.

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I’m still a little confused by this Bedtime feature. So I turn it on and tell it to wake me up at 7 am every morning.

Do I then turn off all my alarms in also?

Has anyone tried the Bedtime feature. Is it reliable? Does it actually wake you up in the morning even if the phone is set to not disturb and is silenced?

I just think it’s weird that Apple has two mechanisms for waking you up in the morning in the same app: Alarms and Bedtime. And then there is the feature “Bedtime” in Settings under Do Not Disturb. It’s all very confusing… so many choices.

Bedtime does still sound even if the iPhone is in Do Not Disturb. The Bedtime alarm feature does a number of things:

  • notifies you a (user) set period of time before you have said tat you want to go to bed, with reminders every 10 minutes until silenced;

  • sets the Bedtime Do Not Disturb option on at Bedtime and turns it off again when your alarm goes off;

  • logs your time in bed (from the alarm times, not actual “in bed” time).

You do not need any of the alarms in the alams section of the clock; the Bedtime function is independent of these alarms and is fully reliable on its own, in my experience.

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Thanks a lot. Do you use it? Does it help you in any way? I just don’t see it as a really significant feature. But I goes there is some value to it… I don’t understand why I can’t set different days to wake me at different times. Like different times for weekend than weekdays etc

That is one of the difficulties with it - I work shifts on a rolling pattern so that throws an extra complication into the mix.

I have a Good Morning Shortcut that I use every day; part of that puts me into the Bedtime screen to update it for the following night. It’s not ideal, but it works well and makes sure I remember to update it.

If you want to set a regular pattern that is different on specific days, standard alarms are probably a better option.

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Yeah it is. But I understand why it’s that way. Good sleep patterns are built on regularity like getting up and going to sleep at same intervals. It just doesn’t work for me for personal reasons. So it’s good that Apple has ported some Bedtime features into Do Not Disturb.

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