Clock, widgets on right on tvOS?

OK, I’m kind of weirded out: when we turned on the TV tonight, the tvOS screensaver was running as usual, and…there was a very Apple-ish dashboardy thing on the right side of the screen, with a clock and some other info (much like the widgets on the left on iPadOS). I thought, “Cool, must be an update,” and was going to poke around with it later.

But now I can’t bring it up or reproduce it, and haven’t seen this mentioned or pictured anywhere. Thank God my wife saw it, too, or I might think I was hallucinating. Has anyone here ever seen such a thing? We aren’t on the beta cycle or anything, either…

Do you mean the new Control Centre? Press and hold the Home button on the Remote and it appears.


That must be it—I’ve no idea how I missed it until now. Thanks!