Close posts to replies after a period of time

I just replied to a reply to a post from July.
Some other Discourse sites close threads to replies after a month. Is that worth considering @RosemaryOrchard?

Seems like that would be in a bit of tension with the feature that suggests previous topics you might be duplicating when posting a new topic.

Sometimes a topic merits reopening – or continued dialog over a longer period. Could shutting down dialog after 30 days also result in multiple topics on the same topic? Not sure.

Some Discourse forums pop up a “Revive this topic?” message – e.g., Zengobi’s forum for Curio:


I don’t see new replies to old topics as being an issue on this site right now. Maybe it’s something that could be done if problems arise? I think @RosemaryOrchard should consider this for (let’s say) 8 months to a year and then post her decision here :grin:

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Auto closing can be done X days after the last response, but I agree with @ACautionaryTale - I think we need more time to see if this is necessary or not. I’ll look into the plugin mentioned by @anon41602260 though.

In my opinion it would make more sense to keep things open and encourage people to look for a topic and post in there instead of creating a new one.

Then everyone who has every replied gets a notice (unless they’ve unwatched the thread).

My understanding is that old posts are still available as suggestions, and they could be linked to if needed.