Closed: Free 32GB upgrade for new Mac Mini --- no scam, don't need and my return window expired

I have a 32GB memory upgrade for the latest mac mini. This is the part.

Long story, but I bought the latest Mac Mini and upgraded the memory. I decided to return the Mini to opt for adding an eGPU to my laptop setup. Since I already had an older Mini as a home server, I didn’t need the Mini simply for home theater.

I put the upgrade on my desk and then had some business travel and the 30-day window to return it to Amazon expired. So I can either leave it on the desk or pay it forward to the community where I have learned a lot.

So… they ran in the mini for 2 days and are otherwise new.

They are free to whoever asks for them first. Just DM me an address that I can send them in the United States, I will put them in the mail with 2-day USPS for next week.


I am closing this now, as someone claimed it.

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