Closest alternative to bluetooth Magic Keyboard?

I really like the Apple Magic Keyboard as an external keyboard for my Mac, but am hoping to find one that also does multiple bluetooth connections. Anyone have recommendations for a keyboard that feels as close to the MK as possible? I’m talking key travel, evenness, and same function keys etc.


Don’t know for sure but take a look at Satechi. They make a variety of keyboards.

Thanks! I’ve been eyeing the Slim X1 since it looks like it doesn’t have the curved keys that other Satechi keyboards have, but it’s out of stock. If others have experience with this keyboard I’d love to hear it.

I really like the Logitech MX Keys for Mac with backlit keys that illuminates the keyboard when you fingers approach. It has keys crafted for the shape of your fingers. I love this keyboard, its comfort and precision and it can connect to 3 devices.
Logitech MX Keys for Mac


This one from Matias allows connection to 4 different bluetooth devices.

I’ve got a Logitech K380 which does this, and to my mind is pretty similar in feel to the MK.

+1 for the MX Keys, I’ve got the MX Keys version rather than the “MX Keys for Mac” version though I think that physically they’re probably the same.


I was on the TwelveSouth website looking at the iPad stand @ismh spoke about on the latest MPU episode and they have a keyboard that looks just like the magic keyboard on their home page that might be worth researching.

They should basically be identical except for a paint job difference. For the “MX Keys for Mac”, Logitech also only lists compatibility with Apple products. If you intend to also use this with a Windows/Linux machine, stick with the regular MX Keys. That being said, the MX Keys doesn’t list iPadOS compatibility but speaking from personal experience, it works fine, at least for basic typing functionality.

I’d also highly recommend sacrificing one of your USB ports to use with the Unifying Receiver. It works much much better than any Bluetooth connection you could have. No wake up lag or random disconnects.

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I bought a Logitech MX Keys last year after using the Logitech Solar K750 for years. The K750 closely resembles the look and feel of the Magic Keyboard, but I like the key travel on the MX Keys, it reliably changes between my MBP running connected to a dock and external display as well as my iPad. I also have my phone connected but rarely use that at my desk.

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I ended up going with this Satechi slim keyboard and the feel is quite similar to the Magic Keyboard! Seems to connect pretty quickly too. Only weird thing I’ve noticed is that I seem to have to log in on my Mac before this keyboard will connect over bluetooth. Not sure what the cause is.

I was a Logitech K750 Solar keyboard user for years. I still some sitting here as back ups. I feel like the keyboard closely resembled the look and feel of the Magic Keyboard.

However, last year I changed to a Logitech MX Keys keyboard. I don’t use the BT switching as frequently as I should. I am still trying to develop iPad workflows, but I have the quick switching set up to go between my MBP, iPad Pro, and iPhone, should I have the need for my keyboard on any of those devices at my desk. I mainly use it with MBP, which is on a stand and is plugged into my 32" LG monitor.

I vote for MX Keys. It is a great feel in my opinion.

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