Closet / Clothes organising apps

Hi All. I’m looking to help my wife organise her clothes. They’re distributed across different wardrobes in different places. Ideally something which has a strong developer base and will be around for a while. Something where you can take photos of the item and then arrange things by colour or type of clothing and then combine together in a virtual “mockup”. Working across the apple hardware range would be optimal. But if something only exists on mac or ipad or iphone and is really good, then that can be compromised. Happy with a subscription service or pay up front. Thank you for your help!

My initial thought was that you were joking. But apparently “there’s an app for that”. :scream: Unbelievable, but true.

Since I Googled anyway, I might as well share the link:

Not that I understand, nor want to understand, any of this.

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Oh Gosh…each to there own I suppose.

I have a minimalist approach to clothes. I found a comfortable set trousers and T shirt, bought 7 of them and rotate them.

Apart from a suit and shirt for occasional use. I got rid of all my other clothes. Haven’t regretted it at all.

For me as well as being expensive in terms of cost, thinking about clothes (from storage, cleaning to what to wear) takes up bandwidth.

My wife has followed suit although I will admit she does have quite a few more items, but has got rid of most of her clothes.