Club membership software recommendations please

I need to find some software to manage the membership for a small non-profit. Has anyone got a recommendation for a low cost, reliable solution?

Not sure if it is better to have a standalone platform or build it into the clubs web site. Any experience or recommendations appreciated. Many thanks.

What are the elements of the membership? Paid or free? Paywalled content? Members-only web content? There are a lot of options out there.

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Thanks @ismh . It is a paid membership fly fishing club. It is not to protect a web site (although that may be useful longer term) but rather software to hold the membership database, track payments for subs, facilitate online payments, provide an easy way to email out to the membership and keep in contact. In all, I suppose, a ‘CRM for clubs’ ! :slight_smile:

We use Memberful and it handles all of that really nicely. I’ve been very happy with it over the years.


I run 2 membership sites powered by MemberPress, a premium plugin for WordPress.

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Many thanks all. I will check out these recommendations.

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Keep us posted! Sounds like a fun use case.

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