Co-working spaces -- what is your experience?

Do you frequently rent and use co-working space? I have a monthly membership in a small one-location space in a “major east coast” U.S. city. The space members happen to include a number of moderately accomplished authors in the public policy sector. It’s mainly a room with small desks, dividers, and a keep-quiet policy. Coffee is provided (Keurig) and not much else.

I like this, but am have a grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side moment. What’s your co-working experience? Obviously, what’s available depends on the city, but if you are looking at convenience, amenities, and ambiance, what has your experience of co-working been?

I’ve been spending a portion of my working hours at HiVE Vancouver since 2012. I’ve met some amazing people along the way and find it’s a nice balance to the time spent in my home office.

Fortunately, we have a lot of co-working spaces to choose from here in Vancouver. I checked out four of them…and the HiVE felt most like home. In addition to the supportive social atmosphere, I like have access to meeting rooms and sometimes use the HiVE’s address for parcels and as a mailing/business address for my company.

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I regularly work in London where there are many co-working spaces. However, I do find that they want to sign you up for a membership deal which does not suit me. Due to my work, I need to be in different parts of the city and would prefer a more flexible approach. More spaces offering a day rate deal would therefore be good.

Also, I find public libraries can be very good ad hoc work spaces. I use the British Library in central London occasionally and have a pass to their reading rooms. Very good for when you need to focus on something in the quiet!


Up until about a year ago we had a co-working space here in our tiny rural town. They offered both memberships and day and even hourly rates. I did use it on occasion because there were several rentable conference rooms with large whiteboards. The main space had a full one wall chalkboard and the other side was a whiteboard with desks, tables, couches, chairs etc available in one big bullpen style area. Unfortunately the business model is a bit rough in a town with less than 1500 people and they have since closed. The building is up for sale now. I actually was hoping that a bunch of the local non-profits could band together and get it but it’s out of our price range.

If It was available now it would be my place to go to a 12 Week Year review because it’s still close enough I can get home to deal with animal chores but would be a separate place to do stuff.

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