Cocktail for MacOS by Maintain

Is anyone still using the utility app “Cocktail” by Maintain on their Mac?
Does it do anything unique?

I used to use it regularly, over many many years, and even upgraded it ($19) last May. After seeing your question I realized that I hadn’t opened it this year, so I launched my Mojave version, and my cursor and system froze and I had to hard reboot. Not good. Since it wasn’t an app I depended on, despite paying for it: bye bye Cocktail.

After I upgrade to Catalina I might consider re-downloading it and trying again. But you can get most (perhaps all) its functionality these days with the freeware/donationware apps from Titanium Software: Onyx (which I use regularly), Deeper, Maintenance.

Yes - Funny you should mention Onyx - an app I have on all my Macs.

It’s another one I forget to use unless I have a particular need for something specific it does. I used to use Onyx to force empty my trash when the normal empty command would not complete because the system thought one of the files was still in use - a bug from several OS’s ago.

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