Collapse Apple Mail Subfolders in IOS

For years I have been using folders and subfolders to organize email. I have recently switched back to the native IOS email and would like to be able to collapse the subfolders list when I am scrolling through the email accounts. Any suggestions? Thanks

I asked this same question a few months ago since I am trying to use iOS (iPad) more. At the time the consensus was that iOS didn’t support collapsing mail sub folders. I was hoping iPadOS would fix this being that more people are trying to use the iPad as a MacBook replacement. As they say we will se what happens, after all iPadOS 14 is only 12 months away.

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Thanks Barry, my online searching is showing the same.

I had been using Spark - and have to returned to it. I too would like to move to the iPad more, but there are some full strength versions of software (e.g, Excel & Pivot Tables) that I need.