Collapsible projector screen ...?

I realize this is a weird question in the modern age, but I’m part of a group that needs to cart around a projector to various training events, and frequently the venue has a fee to use their screen.

This is for a smaller, classroom-ish space. The screen the venue brings in might be 80" diagonal, and it stands on the floor using a tripod.

The thing is, most screens like that have giant tube style cases that are really challenging to move around in a standard car.

Has anybody had and used a screen that folds down to a smaller size, but is still quick to set up and looks good? I know I can find stuff on Amazon. I’m wondering if anybody has something they’ve actually used, as Amazon stuff can be hit-or-miss sight-unseen.


I have one of these, 90", but it rolls up on the short side, so the case is about 4 1/2 feet long. When I got it, I did a ton of searching, hoping to find something I could take on a plane, but I couldn’t find anything smaller than this one with decent reviews. It’s apparently no longer available, but the link might give you some helpful info. It’s kind of a pain to deal with, but it definitely does the job in a pinch.

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