Collecting video files from multiple users

I’m trying to collect up small video files from multiple coworkers remotely. What is the easiest way to have them send these files to a single repository? I don’t think our email client will support the file sizes involved.

My first pick would be for them to upload to MY iCloud Drive, Google Drive or Onedrive but can’t find a way that doesn’t involve a good bit of end user setup.

Any thoughts?

A Dropbox file request might work for you:

You send a link, and people can click it to go to a site to upload files. No account required.

OneDrive has something similar, and I imagine other services do, too.

Dropbox is the easiest solution.

If this is a one-time issue, since you specifically excluded Dropbox in your question here’s how to do it in OneDrive (commercial product $19/month but you can try it 15 days or receive up to 25 files for free.:

With Google you could have people email you file attachments to Gmail then transfer files to your Google Drive. There are scripts and products which do this transfer automatically.