Collectorz Software

Just got an email this morning from the Collectorz team. They are discontinuing Mac development. Sad to see this happen. I have been invested in them for so many years. They are offering the Mac users to switch to their web-based software. I will probably hunt for alternatives first to compare.

I find TapForms to be an easy-to-use database.


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That is sad news. I was looking into them when I was trying to catalog my movies. I ended up with My Movies 2, it seems to be a good fit for me. I think you can move from Collectorz to MM2 pretty easy.

I won’t be able to easily move. I use their software for Movies, Books, and Comics. Perhaps, the movies would be the easiest. The books auto-populate from their database after inputting the ISBN. For the Comics, they have a bunch of unique comic book features that integrate with other platforms for price guide, value, cost, estimate, etc.

I was a user of their Music collector application for many years. They never understood the Mac. A horrible UI.
This is not a very surprising move TBH.

Not sure your use case but for movies that I watch and track I use