Color app that will show me colors?

I’m a web developer and I need a macOS app that will just show me colors. I want to type in a hex, rgb, or rgba color value and it will show me the color. Almost every app I find is a color picker. They will show you a color if you hover over it. I don’t need that. I just want an app that will show me any color I type in. Oh, by the way, I don’t want an Adobe app. They’re too expensive. Thanks.

The free Just Color Picker from Anny Studio supports what you describe:

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Probably more sites like this one.

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No experience with it and it’s not free but perhaps “The Color App” by Livdahl Productions in the Mac App Store.

Not only does the built-in color picker work, but you can add picker modules to it. I use 3rd-party modules to select colors within Mac apps by entering HEX, RGB Or HSB codes.

This is Skala Color:

And this is AnteType Color Picker:

That said, I tend to use apps, usually resorting to ColorSlurp or ColorWell.

I’m using the universal (iOS & macOS) App Pastel to keep track of color palettes:

(You can add colors by Hex code or RGB values)

Get CVSimulator as well to see how your designs work with different types of color vision.
Parking garages now install LEDs to show the status of parking spaces. Blue for special spots for disabled people. Green for free. Red for occupied. What could possibly go wrong? Sigh.

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