Color Laser Printer Recommendations?

I am looking for recommendations for a reliable color laser printer. I’ve had an HP CP2025 for about 15 years, and it has been very trusty, but now it’s finally given up.

Any suggestions? The printer is used in a small office with about 100-150 page prints per day.

Need an ethernet capable device, but not interested in all-in-one printers.

I’ve been very happy with my HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw printer, but I also don’t print nearly as much as what you do. It’s a nice, budget friendly option.

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We have been happy with our HP Color Laser Jet 400 printer at home. We also don’t print the volume that you are looking for. We have some very large Xerox WorkCenter printers at work and have tried some of their desktop printers with not very good results. One thing to consider is the cost of tonner replacement when comparing printers.

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I opted for a Brother HL l8260CDW. The entry cost and the toner replacement costs were both very reasonable for my one man office.

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They are not the cheapest but our workhorse is Lexmark C544DN.

Wireless network, duplex laser.
Support has been great anytime I’ve needed it, even years after purchase.

Deeper than most cabinets, biggest downside, but can crank through any job lightning fast.
I prefer Lexmark to HP or Brother for reliability. My unit is probably 5 or 6 years old now.

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Brother Multi Function Color Laser machines are awesome!
I have at least 50 of them in my pool of clients and every singe one of them is very happy with them.

I use the HP LaserJet Pro M477fnw color laser Probably print about half of what you do, small office setting. Printer works well, scanner is not bad though I do more with my ScanSnap. I use the remote print feature occasionally (print from phone from wherever you are in the office). It has been a robust, reliable printer so far.

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My beef with HP is that they after a few years don’t update their software for Mac Os.
I have encountered quite a few HP printers that were 3-5 years old that cant get the software for the most current Mac OS.

Even the 9 year old Brother printer in one of my offices still works with the latest Mac OS and current printer software.

Thanks Greg – the M452dn (same line) looks good for what I need, with the ethernet connectivity I’m looking for.

That’s interesting – the CP2025 I am replacing has been through every OS X / macOS upgrade since Tiger, but I’ve never bothered to do anything about the HP software. The printer always “just worked” with the OS, which I attribute more to Apple than to HP.

Under Airprint or the propper software?
Clean install on a new mac or reset printer system?

We have an HP M451dn… Several years old but we’ve been happy with it. Has Ethernet connectivity and it supports AirPrint with no problems.

I use Printopia, not AirPrint.

Yep you have to for such an old

Another happy user of the HP M451dn

My old color laser all-in-one recently died and I upgraded to the HP Color Jet M254dw as recommended on Wirecutter. I have had it about a month and am very pleased.

I’m curious if anyone has a recommendation that also prints 11*17 size paper?

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I was spoiled having color 11 x 17 access at my last few jobs. Since going back out on my own, I thought about getting a laser printer with that capacity but the cost vs use was prohibitive. Fortunately I have a Fedex Kinkos within a couple of miles and I can make color copies at $1.30 per on an as needed basis. They also can print C sized and D sized prints.

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Good point. I’ve been looking at the prices and shuddering. Lol.