Color picker like Sip or Frank de Loupe

Can anyone please let me know if there is software (free or one-time payment) similar to where I can press a keyboard shortcut and it shows a color picker that copies the color of the selected pixel into the clipboard?

I don’t mind purchasing but I don’t need all the other bells and whistles that Sip comes with like saving of color palettes and can’t justify paying about AUD 16 initially and $8 every year.

I used to use a software called Frank de Loupe which has since been abandoned.

Tried a few from the app store but they need clicking on an icon to launch the color picker after pressing a keyboard shortcut and don’t immediately let me pick a color.

I have a big collection of color pickers, something like 15, most of which haven’t been updated in years and which I no longer use. I loved Sip when it was cheap and non-subscription.

Today, the apps I have which have been updated this year are

ColorSlurp (free with $5.99 MAS IAP)
ColorWell (currently $19.99)
Kelir Pro ($1.99, or you can get Kelir for free, and do a pro IAP)
Color Picker ($2.99)

ColorSnapper 2 ($8.99) is pretty cool, but designer-oriented, overkill for most people, and hasn’t been updated in a year. I’ve got a soft spot for it and I was using the original version from around 5 years ago…

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Long shot… I don’t suppose that colour is going to end up in photoshop once you’ve selected it is it?
Probably a “heavier weight” solution than you’re looking for… but just in case it does match up with your end goal…
If you do already have photoshop running you can use the eye-dropper tool to sample colours from anywhere on your desktop, not just from within photoshop itself. With the eye-dropper selected click down on the PS document but then drag to the colour on the desktop / other window that you want to sample.

Got the ColorSlurp free version.

Doesn’t have the option to append the picked color with a # in the free version, but not a biggie.

Thanks, bowline.

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Thanks for replying, stu_w.

I have switched to Affinity Photo from Photoshop.

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Pikka is pretty cool and has a free version(and one time IAP). Has an option to append # in the free version too. Big plus point - the app get regular updates.

PS: Link to macOS AppStore - ‎Pikka - Color Picker on the Mac App Store

There is a group of apps called Set App. They have sip. There are dozens upon dozens of really good apps for $9.00 per month.

You really ought to check it out. They have Ulysses, Houdah Spot (find any file), Clean My Mac, Yoink, Mars Edit. It is an amazing deal for the price.

And I detest most subscriptions.

They have Aquarelo which has pallets.

Btw, how do you get a color into another app?

Check it out!