Coloring app for iPad with pencil?

My wife is looking for an adult coloring app to use on the iPad – she’s bought a couple of coloring books recently, and wants to go digital. She has a 12.9 inch iPad Pro with the second generation Pencil.

She said she tried a couple of random apps from the App Store, and found them to be rubbish: you to have a color-picker, tap the desired color with the pencil and then tap a space on the picture, and the app fills the color in automatically. In other words: not coloring.

Any recommendations?

Try Pigment from the App Store


There’s probably a better solution, but if not, Scanner Pro to scan physical books.


Not an app but James Jean has his wonderful lineart free for download for coloring.


Tayasui Color

Tayasui Sketches

and of course the big boys:

and Adobe Fresco


Thanks all! I’ll pass these along to the spousal overunit.

I played with Colouring Adventures for a while and really liked it. It has some free pages and the option to get more packs.

Link to App Store

More resources from the artist at the official site:

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My wife decided she likes the Lake Coloring Books app. But she seems to prefer paper books with pencils.


Much Love to Lake… I spend most of the evening winding down by coloring… I think they have a discount/sale going on right now…

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