Coloring Book App?

Does anybody here do adult coloring books on the iPad? Somebody recommended it to me as a stress reducer/relaxation activity, and my initial look at the apps seems to indicate that they all want a significant yearly fee (or an even more significant monthly / weekly fee!) for access.

Anybody have an app that they love? Bonus points if it’s “pay once” rather than a subscription model.

(And no, I’m not anti-subscription - I just don’t think that a coloring book app is worth more than what I pay annually for Ulysses :smiley: )

You can always take advantage of apps that allow you to load a photo from your camera roll (or a PDF) to serve as a pseudo coloring book. Eg, Procreate.

Search for an image in Google (eg, “coloring pages”), find what you like and save locally. Then, load to your preferred drawing app.

Manual process certainly (probably a Workflow opportunity here !!), but maybe a suitable simple and quick way to accomplish this. At least enough to get you started. —jay


If you’re into SciFi, I’d recommend the BBC‘s Doctor Who colouring book app! :nerd_face:

It’s called „BBC Colouring: Doctor Who“ on the App Store

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I was using Pigment on an iPad but have not checked it out recently. I believe they had a subscription but also offered a limited number of free drawings each month. That could have changed since then.

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I have used GoodNotes to create coloring books for my kids. I find coloring pages on the web and save them as pages in a notebook. They are great for the kids and I’ve found tons of available pages through google searches.

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Colorfy was the other I had previously downloaded. Both it and Pigment have a limited number of free images with a subscription needed to unlock everything.

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