Combine two videos into one

My Google-fu is failing me on this one; I suspect mostly because I’m not sure what exactly to google. But I’m hoping some of you can help!

I have two separate video files which I want to combine into one. However, I want them both to play at the same time i.e. ‘picture in picture’ style, ideally. They both have the same audio.

What is the easiest way to do this? Ideally it would be easily automated as these are for uni and so happen multiple times every week - for some reason the Echo360 platform allows you to save each video but you can’t combine them. Very annoying!

(I’m currently in the process of downloading iMovie to see if this will do what I want, but suspect that even if it does, you guys might have some better ideas. It’s not something that’s worth enough for me to pay much for, but I do have SetApp if that helps. I assume this will be a macOS solution, but I’m open to trying something on iOS too if that’s somehow easier.)

Thanks in advance!

And I think I found the answer to my own question (or at least a start). What I want appears to be called a video “overlay”. Helps once you find the right terminology.

Now, to see whether there is any scope to automate this…

I’m not an FFmpeg user, but I seem to keep recommending it…

This page apparently shows a way to automate overlays, if that’s definitely the route you want to go.

(my experience here is with ImageMagick, a different tool which lets me automate image manipulation)

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Oooh, thank you! That looks promising!

Got this doing what I needed! Thanks!

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