Combining documents in Pages

I have 240 pages documents organized into 8 folders. I would like to combine the documents from each folder into one document. I have been able to do this with Automator and Word Documents, but Automator doesn’t play with Pages (doesn’t that seem weird?)

I do not want to convert to word because I will create either an ePub from Pages or iBooksAuthor.

I hope there’s an easier method than copying and pasting (bangs head on table)

Pages has never had the ability to concatenate files. The only options I know are to use save files as pdf or Word then use Automator to merge the files. (Or use an app: with Word you could Object > Text From File and select multiple files to add to one file, or you could use any number of PDF merge apps, or manually merge PDFs in Preview.) If you converted to Word, you could convert the merged file back to Pages.

Thanks. PDF expert to Word to Pages… sigh :slight_smile:

If they are all Pages documents then you’d just save to Word format, stitch in Word, then reimport to Pages. Not sure where PDF Expert would necessarily come in.

If I can stitch together in word, yet. .Pdf expert is so easy–plus I still have to import each of the 240 files into Word. . .