Combining multiple physical calendars for my grandmother to printout calendar

My grandma doesn’t use a computer and currently has had some medical stuff from a fall she had. She’s in a hospital and will be going to a rehab facility for physical therapy. Anyhow, she hasn’t used a computer since the late '80s and has no intention to use one now. She’s 87. My dad and I have found multiple physical calendars around her house from various years. He and I thought we could make a master calendar for her in iCal and then create every year for her a calendar of master dates. Not sure if I could export the calendar from iCal into an app or service to have a calendar bound. Then we’d gift it to her yearly around Christmas time.

Maybe one of the photo calendar publishers like that allow you to add custom events. Lots of others out there. Never used it so don’t know how easy it would be to import the info.

I assume that the Shutterfly version is the same as but I know that you can save your projects in Shutterfly. I have never used This would allow you to just add the dates in the first year that you create the calendar and then update the pictures annually.

I have not tried to import an existing digital calendar into one of these services though. Good luck! I’m sure she will really enjoy whatever you end up doing for her.

I’ve used Shutterfly, Café Press and VistaPrint to create custom calendars. My suggestion, Investigate the options and pick one whose on-line design interface you like and stick with it. You can save the important dates year to year within each company but they don’t (or didn’t when I did them) accept external digital calendar inputs for special dates. Last ones I did were several years ago so things may have changed.

Thanks all, I decided to play around with iCal and Google Calendar. I like that they allow a key if I wanted to color code calendar events. So far my categories for her are birthday’s, travel, and medical. She’s quite extensive in her meticulousness for writing details down etc. Once I figure out categories (suggestions appreciated), I’m wanting to print the calendar for the year or rest of the year on cardstock and have it spiral bound.