Coming to Mac Pro in 2030

I’m speculating, of course. It might not be that soon.
Intel’s 28 core, 56 thread space heater that addresses up to 512GB of memory.

I don’t think Apple is serious about a new Mac Pro.


  • Dual Xeon CPUs
  • Support for nVidia GPUs
  • expandable/modular (not a new trashcan!)
  • storage, storage, storage
  • memory, memory, memory
  • a lot of PCIe (SLI!)
  • focus on power/speed/function, not design (trashcan, I am looking at you!)
  • just improve the cheese-grater, don’t reinvent the wheel

Given how uncommon it is for Apple to talk about unreleased products, I think the fact that they have proves they’re serious about the new Mac Pro. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look like what you want, but they’re definitely serious about it.