Command + A Hijacked?

Over the past few days, pressing Command + A ( select all ) in any application activates Bookends ( the app ). If I press Command + A anywhere again, the window switches to Bookends instead of “selecting all.” If I press Command + A WHILE using Bookends, I can actually see that it is selecting “Edit” then “Copy” … the hotkey for Copy in Bookends is the same as it is in most apps, Command + C. If I reset my computer, the problem fixes itself but, for whatever reason, pops up again. I do not notice any pattern in my own behavior that is causing this to happen. Also, I do own KeyCue which I assume can be used to troubleshoot hotkey mapping issues, but it does not list Command + A as associated with anything other than “Select All.” Even when I have Bookends open, KeyCue still shows Command + A as mapped to “Select All.”

Sorry for the long winded post. Any help troubleshooting or resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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Solved. Discovered that I had a Bookends/Alfred Workflow that I had accidentally assigned a hotkey to. The end :slight_smile: