Common Browser Extensions At Last?


Would be nice if it happens.

Chrome has such an advantage currently that I don’t imagine they will be very eager to support this, but let’s hope…

Yeah me too…  

I thought this was supposed to happen with last year‘s version of safari. The extensions landscape for safari does not seem to of gotten any richer.

Not really, last year was partial compatibility with the WebExtensions format. « Partial » being the operative word here, which did not encourage in the least the devs to dig deep to convert extensions that were already doing fine without Safari.

I love Apple, but sometimes their hubris makes me roll eyes.



At the very lease, Apple suggested (and several Mac sites made it sound like) that it would be easy to move Chrome extensions to Safari.

But it still requires extra work and still requires that the app be in the Mac App Store, which means the developer still has to pay $99/year to Apple for the privilege of improving Apple’s platform.

TBH - now that I think about it, if Apple is going to require developers to go through the Mac App Store and pay them developer fees, I can’t imagine this new program will do any better than the previous ones.


Added to which, the implementation is incomplete.