Community platform for selling memberships to online courses?

I am working with authors who are wanting to create an online course from their upcoming publication. They would like to…

  • Create a ticketed live workshop event for each chapter via live video chat
  • Sell an online workshop for the entire series also via live video chat
  • Store the recordings in a software behind a membership plan
  • Have a forum for attendees to connect with each other as well as the authors
  • Make available and sell their book in print and digitally
  • Provide one on one or small group coaching focused on each workshop

Anyone here offering online courses with a community forum built-in?
What solutions are worth exploring which meet the authors’ requirements?

Thanks in advance for guidance and solutions

It would be worth looking at Wix. I know it handles bookings of online appointments and sales of digital content. There may be 3P extension for streaming, Zoom would be the obvious candidate.

We use the BuddyBoss plugin on top of LearnDash on top of WordPress. Courses, connected fora, and Zoom meetings. Happy to chat about it.

Thank you @David_Roper. I was not aware of that. These folks have a WordPress site and so a shift away from what they already know may not be their favorite path. I will look at Wix tho. Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

Forgive me what is 3P?

Hello @TheWart. I appreciate both the WP stack and offer to chat. I may do that. LearnDash was mentioned to them as another tool to match their needs. What had you choose BuddyBoss? And while I am asking… What do you like about BB? Next steps are to better understand other options and report back to them. I’ll spend more time looking at MCC! Cheers. Neil

and fwiw, I grew up with Asterix and Obelix! :blush:

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You can catch me at and I can introduce you to our site admin.

We chose BuddyBoss to provide social groups for our users that we could link to ecommerce activity and provide a Facebook-lite experience that allowed us to sell LearnDash courses alongside offering free resources and support. So, for instance, with WP Fusion we can have a WoCommerce transaction grant access to BB group A and LearnDash course B.

I mostly develop the course content so you’ll need to chat with out admin if you want to probe much deeper than that!

Third party - plug-ins that are not written by Wix themselves.