Community Writing?

Hello All,

Starting a new project with a group. Need some advice on a proper workflow.

4 people so far, will expand over the next weeks to include more writers. We are just writing articles relevant to certain topics in our community outreach.

3 full Apple Users, 1 user with an iphone and Windows computer.

Right now, we do everything through WhatsApp for decision making.

I imagine the following workflow, but want the experience and advice of others.

  1. Communication - Slack or WhatsApp
  2. Shared Google Drive Folder - Writing articles archive
  3. Collaboration - Google Document

We discuss weekly topic in Communication app, collaborate writing in a google document, and then finalize the document to a shared google drive folder.

One of the writers takes final article and publishes to Wordpress.

Anyone see a smoother or more efficient method? Ideally, I would have preferred using iA writer, Byword, or Ulysses but because the whole group has 1 person who is Windows, doesn’t work out.


Looks good.

One alternative to Google Docs is Dropbox Paper,, which has Slack integration (or, Slack has Dropbox integration).


Markdown and GitHub FTW! :blush:

Then any text editor can enter anyone’s workflow

I second looking at Dropbox Paper. My experience with Google Docs is pretty limited, however, so take that for what it’s worth. We used Dropbox Paper recently on a collaborative project with about 10+ people, all with different pieces of the overal finished product.

Communications were between the members using Slack.

I have a feeling something like Notion is the all in one you’re looking for. I haven’t used it myself but I have heard rave reviews. There is no one step click to Wordpress but pages can be exported to markdown.

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I think that is probably good. Dropbox Paper is nice but possibly more unfamiliar for your team. I collaborate all the time using Google Docs and even people who haven’t used it right away are able to dive right in.

WhatsApp and Google docs are probably the way to go. WhatsApp because you already use it, and Google docs because they are low friction.
You can also use things like Google Hangouts to have meetings if you need too. Seems to be paid only now.
I have mixed feeling about Google, but these seem to be the best tools for this situation.