Comparison tool with scores for old computer and new?

I’m going to upgrade in the next 6 months to a new computer. I’m in between getting a MacBook (maybe a new model coming out this month) and a MacBook Pro. Is there a tool that I can use to compare my current machine (2010 MacBook with SSD) to a newer machine?

Geekbench would probably be a good starting point.


For the hardware specs and (where applicable) GeekBench scores of all current and older Apple products (computers, tablets, phones, iPods, Apple TV, etc even stuff like the iSight camera), all rolled into one app, I use the free MacTracker app by Ian Page available for OSX and iOS. Along with performance info, for older computers it lists the original version of OSX, the maximum version that is supported etc. For GeekBench scores, click on the Processor speed.

Thanks I’ll check both of those out!

I’d like to ask a very newbie question on this topic. After the above suggestions, I found the Geekbench scores for my current MacBook and the one I’m interested in buying and I don’t think I’m comparing them correctly.

Here are the performance scores from Mactracker for both models:

Current MacBook Score : 801 SC / 3088 MC
(15", Mid 2014, 2.2 GHz, 16GB)

New MacBook Score : 929 SC / 3831 MC
(13", May 2020, 1.4 GHz, 16GB)

This may be my incorrect assumption but, these 2 MacBooks are 6 years apart and I expected a huge jump in the performance numbers. I don’t know how to get a sense of the improvement other than calculating the difference between the performance numbers. It’s just 24% in the multi core numbers which sounds nuts to me. :exploding_head:

I’m sure I’m totally off base and missing something obvious so I hope someone can help me figure this out. As I said, total newbie on this topic so go easy on me.