Complaining About Grammarly

After four years away from the app, I’m a Grammarly subscriber again. I find the software is helpful for any web-based writing and for inputting email text and the like.

However, given that when they were piloting the software four years ago at my university, their rep assured our education technology department that an MS Word for Mac plug-ing was in the works, I’m disappointed Grammarly still doesn’t have it. (Not having it was the reason my then campus didn’t end up purchasing a license as more than half the students were Macintosh users.) Yesterday I ran the text of an article I’m working on through the app and it took me almost four hours to work through the suggestions because I had to go back and forth between the app window and my MS Word document making the needed changes. Cutting and pasting back and forth doesn’t work because of footnotes (which end up just jammed into the Grammarly text block) and keeping my reference formatting.

Has anyone worked out a solution or workflow for this? I want to keep using Grammarly, but am resentful that they’ve still not worked out a word processing solution for Mac users and of how much time I’m spending working around that limitation.


On the Mac I save my document, close it in Word, drag it onto the Grammarly app, go through it accepting and rejecting changes, then open it in Word and remove the comments it added for me. Perfect? No, but not bad. I have a Windows machine for gaming and installed Word on it with the Grammarly app so I can just remote into it and run it there when I’m at home though - because it saves me the step of deleting those comments.

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Does anyone still use Grammarian?

Thanks Rosemary. I do that transferring back and forth for letters and the like. But with my academic writing, transferring back from Grammarly puts the footnotes and references into the body of the text so I that need to go through and pull them back out again.

The best solution may be to see if there’s a PC somewhere on campus where I can install Grammarly.

Curious to know if you think the subscription is worth it? I’ve been using the free version for over a year and am tempted with their current sale, but I’m not sure if it would improve my workflow enough to justify $75.

I personally do find it to be worth it, I’m doing my MSc and especially my current course (project management), we get marked on presentation and grammar as well as the content itself - I scored very highly on the last assignment and know Grammarly caught quite a few things which I was then able to improve.

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I agree and the lack of native integration into apps like and Ulysses is the only reason I haven’t signed up to a paid plan.

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