Completely OT - Any server guys that can recommend a decent, not-insanely-expensive rack cooling fan unit for a couple Minis?

Getting ready to pull the trigger on the actual rackmount tray for my two minis in the “Mac in a rack” setup. One of those gets a little toasty sometimes though, and there’s a DAS array that’s going in there as well. Looking for a fan system to make sure I have good airflow.

I have front & back mounting capability, so I could either use a panel fan on the back (plenty of room!), or I could use one of the larger 1U units that goes between stuff.

Hoping for something reliable that’s not crazy-pricey. I know we have server guys in here, possibly even people that have rack-mounted Macs. Any suggestions?

I’m eyeballing this one


Looks well built

I agree that the case looks well-built, and it’s definitely in the running.

What I’m looking for though is cooling fans. That unit doesn’t have any. The Minis have cooling, but they also heat up on top - and “on top” will be next to another piece of equipment. Which is why I’d like something to provide more airflow for the entire rack case.

Something either like this:

or like this:

I’m hoping to find somebody that has experience that can recommend a reliable one. :slight_smile:

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I like the AC Infinity stuff a lot. I’m planning on using them for my future AV Rack.

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At one time I had 3 minis on a shelf at the top of a rack. They were placed vertically about one inch apart. No fans were needed.

I used RackSolutions for several years. You might find something you could use there.

I would think it depends on the type of cabinet you’re using. Most of the ones I’ve dealt had fans built in. For home I picked up an old home computer cabinet and added a couple of muffin fans I bought from Amazon. It sits in the basement which is cooler than the rest of the house. Mini with TB display, 2 2-drive JBOD cases, 2 other drives, UPS, cable modem, 16 port switch, and Eero. All stay quite cool. The fan is the Wathai Big Airflow 2 x 120mm. $30.

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