Conditional formatting a cell in Numbers

I could use some help with conditional formatting in Numbers.

The application is that I have a table of computed numbers. Each row represents a pricing point based on a distributed allocation of purchasing from multiple vendors. The goal is to select the lowest number in row; the column the lowest number will be in differs for each product.

While visually scanning across each row allows me to find the lowest number, there are a lot of columns, and others need to view this data as well. As price points change, the numbers will of course change and the smallest number will change columns as well.

Therefore, it would be very helpful to have the smallest number in each row display in a highlighted fashion, such as in a different color.

I know that in Numbers you can select a cell and in the formatting sidebar, select conditional formatting and create conditions and formatting results. However, for numbers, while you can have the conditional formatting apply if the number is >, >=, =, < and so forth compared to either a fixed number you type in OR the contents of a specified cell, I cannot find a way to enter a FORMULA into the condition (eg I would use MIN(A1:A50) for the smallest value in row A of the table for columns 1 through 50). The test would be if the particular cell is equal to this computer minimum value for the row.

A workaround would be to create a new column that is hidden, and which contains the MIN formula for the rest of the columns in each row and then do the comparison against that cell, which I think would work, but given this is a workaround, I wonder if there is a way to do this by directly entering a formula into the condition. I have not been able to figure out how to do this, and perhaps it is not possible in Numbers. I believe it is doable in Excel, but I do not have Office on my Macs, and I would prefer to keep this spreadsheet on my Mac where I can work on it from home rather than importing it to my office computer under Windows where I do have Office available.

If anyone has knowledge on this, I would appreciate the help.


I’d go with the hidden column approach…seems like a simple solution

Conditional formatting formulas is not available in Numbers (last time I checked).
So, hidden columns all the way.

Thanks! Unfortunately I will have to go with a hidden column. I really like Numbers, but there are some places where it still lags behind Excel. I goes at some point I will break down and get MS Office…

I don’t know if it’s a solution in your case, but check out LibreOffice. It’s supposed to be Excel compatible and it’s free.

I find Google Sheets to be my preferred choice for powerful use, with Numbers working well for personal situations where looking good is the priority!