Confused: Optimize Mac Storage or Not?

I just hit my 200 GB limit on my iCloud (have lots of work videos I need) and upgraded to the 2TB plan.

Now wondering, do I optimize my Mac Storage, or not?

Mac Storage

I listened to Ep 284, but since it is almost 2 years old, thought thinkings might have changed.

Any insights appreciated!


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Not sure you need to unless space is at a premium on your Mac. Optimize or not, the entire (synch-able) contents is on iCloud. Optimizing only saves space on you Mac. Then anything that’s been offloaded needs to be downloaded again to be used. Also, you have no control of what’s offloaded. Apple uses their magic to decide what to move.

I wouldn’t bother unless you need the space on your Mac.

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Thanks DS. Seems wise advice.