Confusing Auto Save Behavior in Pages (with OneDrive)

I have recently been trying to use Pages on some files that reside in OneDrive. I get a frequent (e.g., every 2-5 minutes) message saying " The document “[Insert Document Name].pages” could not be saved. The file has been changed by another application. - - - Due to these unexpected changes, Pages may be unable to save your changes. Click Revert to load the changes made by the other application. Click Save Anyway to attempt to overwrite the changes made by the other application. You can also click Save As to attempt to save your changes to a different file."

I select Save Anyway, and the message goes away, only to return a few minutes later.

I have searched forums and websites to find that this also happens in iCloud, but I have not really found any solutions. Any ideas?

No idea how to solve this, but these days with more integration between the app and the cloud host, providing benefits such as multi user colaboration, versioning and auto save it’s not surprising that this ends up with errors. I guess it doesn’t happen if you use iCloud Drive instead of OneDrive. I’m not sure if there is a way, but turning off auto save in pages might help. This functionality has been in iWork for a long time now.

Turning off auto save appears to have worked. Thanks for the reply!

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Where did you find this setting DeekinBlooz? On Mojave, it is gone?!