Congrats Dr. @beck! πŸŽ“

Hey Everyone!

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Beck Tench, who just passed her dissertation defense!

Dr. Tench created a warm and welcoming Zoom call (I know, right?), then presented her research entitled β€œThe Restorative Potential of Participatory Design in the Attention Economy.”

Dr. Tench was well supported by an audience of ~60 people on the call(!), all cheering her on. Her audience included domain experts, her peers, students, family and friends. Dr. Tench explained everything with ease and aplomb, and demonstrated her expertise in the subject, while simultaneously making it comprehensible even to people naΓ―ve to the subject, such as myself.

Heartfelt congratulations, Dr. @beck!



Congratulations Dr. Beck!

congrats , Dr Beck !!

I am so glad to be in the same forum with so many smart and wise people here !!

Congratulations. Cheers. :grinning:

Awesome! Congratulations!

So well earned @beck!


Well done, congratulations!

Congratulations @beck

Congratulations, @beck !!

An audience of 60? My PhD viva was in front of three and that was frightening enough!



Congratulations, Dr. @beck! :tada:

How wonderful! Major congrats, Dr. @beck Tench!

Congratulations Dr. @beck! :bouquet:

Fantastic! Congratulations, Dr. @beck Tench!

Congratulations Dr. @beck!

Dr. @beck, It’s been great sharing a little bit of your journey here in the forums. Congratulations!

Congratulations Dr. @beck

What a day!!! Thanks everyone, y’all are the best.


Hey Beck/Doc, congratulations. what an amazing achievement :grinning: So pleased for you!