Congrats to @beck πŸŽ‰

Congratulations to @beck, who presented her PhD Proposal today, passed with flying colors, and has now become a PhD Candidate!


Yay! Hoorah!

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Congratulations! :+1::+1::+1:

Congrats to @beck. Hope to welcome you to the β€œacademy” in the near future!

Thanks @JohnAtl – I’m honored you attended and appreciate the shoutout!


Congratulations, @beck!!

Congratulations @beck!

Congratulations! @beck

Congratulations, indeed!

Way to go @beck!

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No one is asking the important question: what’s the research on?!

PS: Congrats!

PPS: how do I get my academic colleagues to (1) like Macs, (2) become β€œpower users”, (3) join this forum, and (4) be as nice as @JohnAtl? :thinking:


Congratulations! Now the fun begins!

Congratulations! Very cool.

Congratz! Very well done!

Good question! More on all that here:



That’s an interesting field of study.

Them illustrations! Gotta love when a presentation is more than bulleted lists and tables. Looks great, and the topic is a clever intersection of several important issues/areas.

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Congratulations! And more congratulations! (to satisfy the minimum reply length)

@beck what tools do you use to prepare the graphics, the video, and edit them together for the final product you posted to YouTube? It is so refreshingly not-academic.

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LOL, I’ll take that as a compliment!

I use Goodnotes on my iPad for the drawings and I lasso them and copy and paste with Universal Clipboard into whatever presentation software I’m using (varies: Keynote, PPT, Slides). To create the video, I used Screenflow while in Powerpoint presentation mode. I prefer Keynote for creating slides, but PPT behaves better with Zoom and the defense was over Zoom.

Side note: I’ve been making slides this way for over 10 years. I used to draw in my sketchbook and scan on a printer, then I used JotNot, then the iPad came along and I never went back. When I look at older presentations, though, there’s a carefulness and finesse to the paper drawings that isn’t there with the iPad ones, but the ease of use is really hard to beat.