Connect MBP to Thunderbolt monitor without charging? Also charging from 2 devices?

I have my MBP connected to a LG 34WK95U monitor which has one Thunderbolt port (as well as other video ports) and the MBP charges from the monitor via this port. My issue is that if I leave the MBP connected all the time, it’s charging all the time and gets warm. I’d rather not leave it charging. Is there an alternative to constantly unplugging and replugging? For example some kind of non charging signal cable?

Secondly, I also have an OWC dock, but I worry that if I connect the MBP to both monitor and dock, it’s charging from both sources. Connecting the monitor to the dock does not work. The monitor is 5k2k and the dock supports up to 4k.

Any thoughts and similar experiences would be appreciated.

Not quite the same situation, but I leave my MBP plugged in to a TB3 dock pretty much 100% of the time. About the only time it’s not plugged in is when it’s in transit between work and home. There haven’t been any ill effects that I’m aware of.

which macbook pro is? It should not always charge, only when it’s needed.

If i leave my MBP (2016) and MBA (2013) plugged at 100% battery they don’t heat up

You’re right - it stays cold when not in use and warms up when it’s running the display. It could boil water when unzipping the Xcode beta.