Connect second external screen to MacBook Pro mid-2012?

Hi there,

A co-worker wants to connect a 2nd external screen via a usb A port with a HDMI to USB A dongle. It does not work. The external screen does not show up. I’m unsure if there is a possibility for it to work.
Here is a picture of the situation:)

Anybody experience with that?

I used to use two monitors with this model but I had to connect the monitor via the display port then the second monitor was connected to the first monitor’s extra display port. I don’t think this works any other way, the monitor has to support connection to the computer and another monitor via an extra display port (not HDMI).

I have that model, and it gives me hard time with external displays. Basically I connect display port to display port. So it works fine till the monitor sleeps and that’s it. Waking up the main monitor does not mean the external will follow. I have to restart once or twice till the monitor works.

Hmm, I haven’t had this experience. I connect mini Display Port to HDMI either directly or thru a Sabrent dock/hub. I know it can be finicky, but I’ve not had to restart the laptop to get it to work. Usually just turn the external display off and on.

I ran two monitors on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro for a long time. One connected via the built-in HDMI port, the other connected via a Mini DisplayPort cable plugged into the Thunderbolt port. No more than the usual level of wonkiness associated with external displays on a laptop.

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Thanks for all the replies!

I found the error was in a wrongly installed driver for the dongle. Now it all works but it’s excruciatingly laggy.

Do you think that’s because of using the usb A port or because the macbook’s puny 4 gb of ram?

Oh and while I’m at it, isn’t this the last macbook that you can upgrade?

As always I super happy for any help:) This place is great!

Did it lag or was it smooth? How much ram did your‘s have?

Mine’s a retina model with 16gb of RAM and the GeForce 650M GPU with 1gb of video memory.

I upgraded my 2012 to 16gb/1tb SSD and it was quite snappy with two monitors. It’s still running as my server and it even runs Logic Pro well, so I assume it’s the lack of RAM. Upgrading is extremely easy, you just need the correct screwdriver and the ram sits just inside the bottom case and is designed to be easily replaced.

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Hi, I have same issue and Apple support does not provide solutions. May I ask you what adapters or cables are you using and how?
I would like to have 2 monitors but not clear how to arrange adapters or cable for extended screens.

Thanks a lot

Hi I have same issue and would like to know which adapters or parts I need to buy in order to install both monitors I have already.

Would be great if you would provide a description of what adapters are you using.

Thanks a lot in advance

Really sorry, I have no answers to anymore. My co-worker bought a new Mac and quit already more than a year ago and I am a single screen purist (with y mid-2014 MacBook Pro).