Connecting 2 HDMI Monitors to a MBP 16'

Hi everyone.

Just wondering, what would be the best way to connect 2 hdmi monitors do the macbook pro 16’ ?

Already have 1 dongle with hdmi+usbc+usb in which I have one of the hdmi monitors connected.

Would the most cost effective way be to purchase another identical dongle?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the MPU community!

The most cost effective way would be to buy a cable that has the plugs you need. There is no need to buy another dongle like the one you mentioned. You have several choices. Depending on the needs of your displays (resolution, non-retina, retina) and depending on the MBP model there may be different options.

Something from Apple:

Maybe, somebody else can provide you with more information if you give more details about the exact MBP model you have, the “dongle” and the monitors you are using.

Hi Christian,

It’s the 2019 16-inch Mac Book Pro.

The Displays… both have Display Port or HDMI Support. No thunderbolt 3.

One is a 27-inch 2k. The other a 27-inch 4k. For the purpose they will be used, there’s no issue with the 60Hz refresh rate limitation.

No deed for a dongle. You can get a USB-C to DisplayPort cable

Thank you for the advice Chris, I’ll give it a try and give feedback later on.