Connecting an iPad directly to printer via USB

Anyone know whether this will be possible with the changes to iOS 13 (I presume this isn’t possible currently)?

My question surrounds the possibility of taking a usb cable from a Samsung printer, directly into the lightning port of the iPad/iPhone via the appropriate adapter. Will the iPad “see” the printer, to allow airdropping to the iPad/iPhone, to allow direct printing?

Background: Samsung appears to have sold its printing unit to HP. We are having fun and games getting the printer to work consistently past Sierra, since the drivers/software is not being updated. Trying to get it onto the Network was just as futile (iow, it was beyond my abilities to set up). So wondering whether the above could work as an option?

I can’t imagine that ever being supported.

As far as Apple is concerned, printing is already “solved” by AirPrint.

Apple apparently specifically wrote a new USB-driver to allow file access rather than re-use an older one, and I cannot imagine them doing anything related to printing over USB, nor would I expect that USB-driver support for files would mean anything other than support for USB file support.

If you have an “always on” Mac, I would suggest Printopia as a way to extend print support to iOS devices from printers which do not support AirPrint directly.

If you don’t… I would recommend buying a Brother laser printer that supports AirPrint. You can usually get one for $80-100 from Amazon. Not an ideal solution, obviously.

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Nope… Apple expects you to either use AirPrint (or perhaps Google Cloud Print), or use a print server via a Mac (like Printopia), or print direct wirelessly via an app like Print n Share

Thanks all. Will explore those options then.