Connecting MacStudio display to Macstudio and Windows 11 pc

I have a 27 inch Mac studio display. Whilst I have connected the display to Mac Studio, what is the mechanism to connect to both Mac Studio and my work windows pc. Can someone suggest what is required to have this setup. FYI - I am based out of India.

Can you use Microsoft Remote Desktop on the Mac? That way you can remote into the work pc from the Mac and go full screen for a native windows experience.

A KVM switch is generally how you share a monitor (as well as keyboard and mouse) between two computers. Most, however, us HDMI for video, which the studio display doesn’t have. You’d either have to find a KVM switch that uses Thunderbolt for video or a Remote Desktop solution like @simonsmark suggests.

I haven’t used a kvm in a long time, so I’m not sure if there even are any that can support thunderbolt video.

Work PC is hardened and cannot install any s.w to connect.

I know that problem too well. Not much you can do about that unfortunately. Mine wouldn’t even allow a display connected to USB-C/Thunderbolt. Would only allow a display on HDMI.

Have you seen this? " i-tec USB-C/Thunderbolt KVM Docking station Dual Display + Power Delivery 65/100W - YouTube

Thanks simonsmark, I am based in India and this product is not available.

Will a Studio Display accept a non-Thunderbolt input?

don’t think so and there will also be limitations with Windows. Don’t think there are drivers for speakers and camera.

Best solution would be for helpdesk to allow remote desktop. It would need a security review though.

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No it doesn’t accept