Considering Macbook Pro 16", are the speaker popping and screen ghosting issues still a problem?

I started researching the Macbook Pro 16" yesterday as I’m going to be working from home a lot for the next month, and it would be a good upgrade for my iMac as well.

However, my research on known issues uncovered 2 issues that were mostly discussed on Reddit and Macrumors Web sites back in Dec 2019, but I haven’t seen any indication that Apple has fixed them.

If I order the Mac, it will be custom ( to beef up the RAM, Storage, CPU and, if needed GPU ) order that I’ll pick up at a local Apple store. I think if I pick it up locally, I can bring it back to the store if I can problems, right?

  1. Should I let the reported issues stop me from ordering the Macbook Pro ?
  2. Have they been resolved? or
  3. Have Macbook Pro 16" owners here seen these issues?

Thanks in advance. Social media often blows issues out of proportion. People who are happy are usually quiet, people with issues are usual vocal to draw attention to it. That is just how things work.

Stores are closed until 3/27, at least. (In the US.)

I don’t know, it is a decision you really have to make for yourself. :slight_smile:

I have heard about those exact same issues in December and it seems to have gotten quiet as of now…?!

I have bought myself a Macbook Pro 16 in January. I have not experienced any issue so far.

To me it feels like the usual thing that happens when Apple releases something new: the new and shiny is just great and wow! :wink: And then, there are some defective units that are being replaced or repaired or whatever…

Regarding the speaker popping: I might be wrong, but I do remember that a lot have Macbooks have experienced the issue over the years and sometimes they have been dealt with in software updates.

My two cents: if you do not want to cope with any potential issues in a first generation model, then wait for the second generation. The risk of encountering design/manufacturing issues might be lower that way. Then again, if those issues really are widespread and severe, we should experience ongoing reports about them happening.

I bought myself AppleCare together with the MacBook Pro and I am confident that it will be fine…