Considering OmniPlan for Projects


Sometimes I have a feeling I need more overview about ongoing projects which cannot be provided by text-based GTD tools like OF, Things and so on.
Has someone experience with more advanced (and expensive) tools like OmniPlan? I would surely use it only for my work projects with often 3-4 of them running in parallel. As far as I understand they are thought for complex projects involving several people and lot of delegation so I don’t know whether they will shine in a single-user scenario… Also, I know only about OmniPlan, maybe there are other alternatives I am not aware of.

I used OmniPlan about 10 years ago as an alternative for MS Project. I thought it was a good alternative. It produced good GANTT charts and was pretty flexible in terms of entering people and resources, etc. It has been a long time so I can’t remember the fine points, and I suspect that it has changed over 10 years :slight_smile:

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I have a copy of the iOS version, and it is remarkably powerful. However, it is a bit slow to work with IMO, but is certainly a great companion. The Mac version is probably much faster, especially on a bigger screen and with a mouse or track pad. It shines at outlining task sequences, settings milestones, assigning cost, effort snd duration. It is best suited for Project Managers running multi person projects over several months where you need to track dependencies, resource load, critical path, completion percentage etc.

It may be overkill for personal use.

OmniPlan is an excellent tool, very powerful, nice looking and with great support. I personally find it better on the Mac than iOS, but that’s a matter of individual preference.

It will certainly do what you’re looking for, but it is a professional tool with a learning curve and price tag to match.

There is a free 2 week trial available so I’d recommend downloading it and giving it a try.

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Asana has a timeline that is very flexible and enables you to get a top level perspective on any or all projects.

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Can’t use asana because of internal policies - cusromer data should not land in the cloud…

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