Considering the 12 do I find out if I even use the 12 pro camera features


I currently have the 12 pro… the main reason to get this over the 12 mini at the time was the camera.

Is there any app that can show how many pictures I took using the lens found in the 12 pro?

I am seriously considering downgrading to 12 mini

I found a solution:

Will check it out when I get home… really keen to see the results

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So… it appears out of more than 1200 photos taken on my iPhone 12 Pro, only 22 were using the telephoto.

This just goes to show how I just figured I need the best camera but in practise, not so much…

I am going to give the mini a go….


I support you switching (I don’t consider it upgrade nor downgrade) to mini :smiley:

Just to state the obvious, at this point I’d strongly consider waiting for the 13. Both as a matter of not getting a phone that’s already almost a year old, and as a matter of seeing if they even continue the mini form factor.

If you decide at the time of the 13’s release that you still want the 12 mini specifically, it’ll be cheaper. And if there’s a shiny new 13 mini, you’ll get a phone that’s a model newer. :slight_smile:

But personally, I wouldn’t want to buy a mini now and then discover that it’s the last generation. I’d rather not get used to a size that’s being discontinued.


The mini form factor won’t be continued. I would get it now and enjoy it as long as possible.

For the record, 55% of my shots use the telephoto lens!

Last I heard the 13 was going to be the same lineup as the 12 (at least according to rumors), even despite the fact that demand wasn’t as high as expected. Do you have newer information that sheds more light on that?

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FWIW, IMO this is NOT a downgrade. Call it a “downsize” :smile:

I moved from a history of larger iPhones to the mini this iteration. I love it. The smaller size is just so much more convenient for me for every day carry. I’m a photo-buff and have had absolutely no buyers remorse from the camera perspective.

Of course, size trade offs are a very personal opinion. For me, it has been a welcome change. Good luck — jay

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Ah, that’s great news! Here’s a link with evidence of the 13 Mini production for anyone else who wasn’t caught up.

Hmmm… you do know the site is called Mac RUMORS?
I’d hardly call it “evidence”

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@jayelevy @ybbond

I agree it is not a downgrade. Poor choice of words on my part. I was referring to a downgrade of the camera system. That in my mind is the difference between the pro models and the non pro models.

I am planning to pick one up this week and see how I go, taking advantage of Apple’s returns policy. The purple color is pretty sweet.

I tested a 12 Mini and Pro when they came out. I ended up returning the Pro and keeping the Mini because I couldn’t tell a difference between photos taken on the two, and I much prefer the size of the Mini.

Six months on and no regrets.

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I bought the purple one and wrote about the first 24 hours….

Entire article written and edited on iPhone mini and also published directly from the iPhone mini using Ulysses

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I bought the 11 at a ridiculously good price during a sale and immediately regretted it. I sold it right away, got the 12 Mini and have loved using it. It is such a great size and I hope they continue with it beyond the 13.

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